Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Release Feature Matrix

Please refer to the sections below to learn which features are available with various Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops offerings and versions. With Citrix Cloud, some features may require components to be installed on-premises.

For information specific to the latest on-premises release, please see the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Features Matrix. For a granular comparison of each Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Desktops and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, please see the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops services matrix. For more information on 7.15 LTSR baseline, compatible and excluded components and features, refer to the product documentation.

Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
XenApp published apps
(Server-based published applications)
Deploy applications on Windows Server operating systems enabling secure access from a wide range of devices including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Only screen updates, keystrokes and mouse clicks traverse the network, making it easy to securely access the application. The application performs as if it were installed locally on the device.

* Limited OS options

XenApp published web and SaaS apps
(Server-based published web and SaaS apps)
Enables IT to select the best web browser for each web or SaaS app and securely deliver that app within that ideal browser to all users on any device, running any web browser.

* Limited OS options

XenApp published Windows server-based desktops
(Windows hosted-shared desktops)
Highly-scalable, multi-user virtual desktops that provide the flexibility and mobility benefits of desktop virtualization while maximizing IT control through enhanced security and simplified management.

* Limited OS options

XenApp published Linux server-based desktops
(Linux hosted-shared desktops)
Delivering highly-scalable, server-based Linux virtual desktops to any user on any device. Linux hosted-shared virtual desktops can be RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, or CentOS.
XenApp published Linux apps
(Server-based published applications)
Deliver just the Linux virtual application instance to any device for access to your critical RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, and CentOS apps from anywhere.
(Pooled and dedicated)
Desktop operating systems, such as Windows 10 and Windows 7, are hosted in the datacenter and securely delivered to users on-demand. These desktops can be made available in a pooled fashion from a common base image or dedicated to users for personalization to meet the needs of advanced users.
Citrix App Layering
Citrix App Layering offers the ability to virtualize Windows applications and operating systems, deliver individual applications at user login (Elastic Layers), integrate with existing provisioning and end user computing platforms, and provide image management capabilities.
* Multiple provisioning systems, multiple hypervisors or clouds, or multiple broker platforms requires Platinum
Linux Dedicated VDI
Instantly provision hundreds or thousands of Linux virtual desktops from a common master image. Available for SUSE, RHEL, Ubuntu, and CentOS Dedicated VDI.
Server VDI
Enables enterprises and service providers to deliver to an individual user a single session, server-based virtual desktop either on-premises or from the cloud.
Remote PC Access
Instantly deliver superior remote access to physical PCs and laptops without SSL VPNs or the need to migrate desktops to the datacenter by providing users with a secure, high-definition, direct HDX connection to their personal systems.
VM-hosted applications
Some applications are only compatible with a desktop OS rather than a server OS. With VM-hosted apps, the app can be hosted on individual desktop VMs and published for seamless delivery to users just like a server-hosted virtual app.

* Limited

Support for Windows Server 2016
Day 1 support for Windows Server 2016 includes hosting apps on Server 2016, running the XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure on Server 2016, provisioning Server 2016 VMs with Provisioning Services (PVS) and Machine Creation Services (MCS), and assessing application compatibility for Server 2016 with AppDNA (Platinum Only).
Support for Universal Apps based on the Universal Windows Platform
Universal Apps are modern, interactive applications designed to work on a wide variety of the latest Windows devices. Seamlessly deliver apps based on this new flexible platform from both Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 to any device supporting Citrix Receiver.
Content publishing
Provide users access to content, including web sites and documents, from within the same Citrix interface that they access their apps and desktops. Users can easily collaborate as required on centralized materials while IT maintains control over intellectual property.
Support for Microsoft App-V
Microsoft App-V integration enables admins to distribute App-V applications to virtual desktops or XenApp servers through the Citrix Studio console without requiring a separate App-V server and database infrastructure. App-V applications can also share a common isolation environment for intercommunication (Current Release only). This greatly simplifies administrative processes and eliminates additional infrastructure costs.
Citrix Application Streaming
(Superseded by App-V integration)
Deliver applications to Windows VMs in the data center as well as end user devices for use even while disconnected from the network. Applications and integrated Windows services are streamed to the desktop and are virtualized, not installed. Then they are run in an isolated environment without application and system conflicts. Applications can safely communicate via inter-isolation communication technology.
Policy-based access control with templates
Policies enable administrators to control application and desktop delivery, availability and performance based on user, group, device, IP address range or other criteria. Policies can be used to control access to peripherals (drives, printers, clipboard, audio, COM ports), optimize performance (bandwidth limits, feature availability, latency reduction), and even enforce connection limits (number of sessions per user, per application, or both). Templates provide starting points for settings based on desired use-case such as maximum server scalability or branch/remote workers.
Application subscriptions
Administrators can publish applications to specific users or groups and users can subscribe to the applications they need to work using a simple drag and drop interface.
Automate app compatibility testing with AppDNA
AppDNA determines the compatibility of applications across multiple operating systems and virtualization environments. Use the powerful business decision engine to model different deployment scenarios and compare their impacts for faster application migration, easier application virtualization and streamlined application management.
Feature Virtual Apps and
Desktops service
1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
HDX user experience optimization
Delivers a superior high-definition user experience on any device, over any network. With Citrix HDX, the virtual experience rivals a local PC, even when using multimedia, real-time voice and video collaboration, USB peripherals (like smart cards and drawing/signature tablets) and 3D graphics. Virtual apps become mobile device aware and optimized to support touch gestures and other native mobile device features. Integrated WAN optimization capabilities boost network efficiency and performance even over challenging, high-latency networks.
HDX Adaptive Transport / Enlightened Data Transport  (EDT)
Adaptive Transport Technology is a game-changing innovation designed to provide users with the best possible experience regardless of if they are on the LAN or a high-latency WAN. Performance improvements are realized across all virtual channels including up to 10x faster file transfers, 5x faster print times and 2x more session responsiveness with improved audio and video. Adaptive Transport leverages a new Citrix protocol, Enlightened Data Transport (EDT), that automatically adapts to changing user conditions making the industry-leading user experience even better while reducing the number of policies for admins to configure.

* Requires on-premise NetScaler Gateway


HDX 3D Pro
HDX 3D Pro is a set of specialized technologies that enable the delivery of 3D professional graphics applications from XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix pioneered the use of graphics processors (GPUs) in virtual apps and desktops. Today, there are virtualization-aware GPU cards available, which provide hardware acceleration to multiple virtual machines (VMs) using a single physical GPU. Originally designed for high-end 3D professional graphics, the 3D Pro feature set is now available in all product editions to optimize the performance of 3D business graphics apps that leverage GPU acceleration, including modern web browsers and Office apps.

* Hypervisor host support of direct pass-through and vGPU sharing apply.

* Limited

The modern Thinwire display remoting technology in XenApp and XenDesktop maximizes server scalability while providing a great user experience for mainstream business applications running on modern versions of Windows, whether delivered to newer or older endpoint devices.
Thinwire legacy mode
For customers delivering legacy versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 [R2], HDX provides continued support via the legacy mode of Thinwire, the display remoting technology that presents text, images and video content within sessions to users on endpoint devices.
Specialized high-performance display remoting technology optimized for mobile workers on broadband wireless network conditions, which often intermittently suffer from high latency and high packet loss due to multipath propagation and spectral interference. Sessions remain highly interactive, providing a great overall experience, at the cost of higher server resource consumption.

* Included in 7.15 as a CR feature

* Included in 7.15 as a CR feature

HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business
As a result of close collaboration between Citrix and Microsoft, the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack optimizes the delivery of voice, video and telephony features of Skype for Business when hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop. Employees enjoy the native Skype for Business client experience, with uncompromised audio-video quality and comprehensive device support. At the same time, the Optimization Pack maximizes server scalability to minimize TCO and supports advanced features such as H.264 SVC, QoE reporting, and interop with third-party transcoders, bridges, gateways and audio recording systems.

* New  LTSR Pack

Cisco Jabber Optimization
(Provided and supported by third-party)
Optimize Cisco Jabber in virtual app and desktop environments with the Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Edition (VXME). Media processing is offloaded to the endpoint device for the best possible user experience and maximum server scalability.
Vidyo Optimization
(Provided and supported by third-party)
VidyoDesktop Virtual Edition (VE) is designed to run in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments for optimized delivery of HD-quality voice and video.
Avaya One-X Optimization
Designed to run in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments for optimized delivery of HD-quality voice and video.
HDX MediaStream
Ensures that users receive a smooth, seamless experience when viewing multimedia content. This is accomplished by leveraging the processing power of the endpoint device to render the multimedia content whenever possible. If client-side rendering is not available, HDX MediaStream falls back to server-side rendering and uses various acceleration technologies to maintain an optimal user experience.
Flash Redirection
Whenever possible, Adobe Flash content accessed via published applications, including video and Flash-based applications, is offloaded from the server and redirected to the user’s device (Windows or Linux) for processing and rendering which reduces resource consumption on the server and improves performance for users.
H.264-enhanced HDX SuperCodec
The HDX SuperCodec is a blend of modern codec technologies that enables HDX to use the best compression method for each different type of content on the screen. Citrix was the first vendor to leverage H.264 codec technology with virtual desktops and we’ve continued to enhance our H.264 technology to deliver higher frame rates, top quality video and 3D graphics, and best-in-class bandwidth efficiency. Lossless compression of text and high quality compression of image data provide exceptional visual fidelity.
H.265-enhanced HDX SuperCodec  
HDX Mobile
HDX Mobile improves the experience of Citrix Receiver users working in supported Windows applications and desktops on mobile devices. HDX includes a native interface control channel allowing Windows apps to be re-factored for a touch experience while leveraging device features such as multi-touch gestures and native menu controls. Many touch features are available natively in XenApp and XenDesktop and do not require any application source code changes to activate.
Local App Access
Permit Windows apps local to the endpoint device to be seamlessly displayed within a full-screen virtual desktop session even though they are installed and running locally. This enables access to local apps like DVD burning software and iTunes from within the full-screen session without having to repeatedly switch back and forth.
Citrix X1 Mouse
A purpose-built wireless Bluetooth mouse for use while connecting to apps and desktops from iOS and Android devices. Enables precise interaction while providing an enhanced mobile experience that can often replace the need to work from a laptop or desktop.
Single Sign-on with SAML
Integrate StoreFront directly with a SAML Identity Provider for a true single sign-on solution to resources.
Web-based self-service password reset
Citrix StoreFront simplifies the set-up and configuration of self-service password reset. Password-related issues are among the highest call generators for any IT help desk and can cost companies well over $100,000 in lost productivity. An intuitive, web-based, self-service portal allows end users to easily and quickly unlock or reset their domain password. The result is cost savings with minimal disruption to the organization.
Citrix Password Manager 
Single sign-on access to Windows, Web, and host-based applications running in the Citrix environment as well as local applications running on the desktop with Password Manager. Password Manager directly manages all user passwords, policies, and even handles change password requests on behalf of the user.

NetScaler SD-WAN for WAN optimization
Significantly improves XenApp and XenDesktop capacity and performance over the WAN while providing a unified platform that accelerates applications across public and private networks, resulting in superior application performance and end user experience.

NetScaler SD-WAN VPX (WANOP edition) appliances are included for branch offices. NetScaler SD-WAN appliances for datacenter is purchased separately.

NetScaler SD-WAN Plug-in
Software-based, network accelerator client that runs on Windows laptops and workstations offering accelerated app performance from anywhere, not just offices with NetScaler SD-WAN appliances.
HDX MultiStream ICA 
Provides the option of delivering HDX virtual channels over up to four TCP/IP streams and two UDP streams (Audio and Framehawk). This gives customers full flexibility for Quality of Service (QoS) routing over the network and provide superior audio/visual quality without disrupting other HTTP traffic.

* Requires on-premise NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront

Browser Content Redirection    
Optimized web-based Microsoft Teams
By leveraging Browser Content Redirection and Google Chrome on the VDA, and the embedded browser from Workspace App deliver optimized web-based Microsoft Teams, as well as other WebRTC applications, such as Google Hangout. This enables the audio and video processing to occur on the endpoint to provide the best possible user experience in a virtualized environment.

HTML5 Video Redirection 
Offload HTML5 video content to the endpoint device for internal sites that are controlled by IT. This provides the best possible user experience for rich content while also maintaining maximum server scalability.
Universal Print Driver 
Utilize a generic print driver platform to make available printers to users accessing virtual applications and desktops. Prevents the need to manage native printer drivers conserving resources and maintaining stability. Users can even leverage advanced printer functions like stapling and tray selection.
Universal Print Server 
Eliminates the need to install numerous network print drivers on XenApp and XenDesktop hosts, and enables more efficient network utilization. Supports printing to network printers from any endpoint with Citrix Receiver (Windows, non-Windows, mobile, etc.)
Citrix Profile Management 
Comprehensive profile handling and optimization including streaming, inclusion/exclusion, synchronization and reporting.
Creates a local-like app launch experience by expediting the session creation process. With pre-launch, a session waits for the user in an active or disconnected state, enabling quick, instant-on app access to an already active app session making for a fast and local-like app launch experience. Pre-launch configurations have been improved on the FMA platform (7.x), making it simple to configure from the Citrix Studio management console.
Workspace Environment Management
Cuts the cost of application and desktop virtualization and delivers the best possible workspace performance by accelerating application response times and desktop logon times.
Workspace Environment Management service
Citrix ITSM ServiceNow Adapter
The Citrix ITSM Adapter for ServiceNow is a cloud service that provides single point of integration between XenApp and XenDesktop to ServiceNow, enabling automation of common tasks in the enterprise with out of the box workflows aimed at improving efficiency, compliance and productivity.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Provisioning Services (PVS) 
Simplifies management for deployments of all sizes, physical or virtual, by streaming Windows and Linux OS image workloads. This reduces the amount of required shared storage and dramatically simplifies the ability to patch and update machines with fast rollout and fast rollback functionality exclusive to Provisioning Services.

* Limited

PVS Accelerator
Running XenServer along with Provisioning Services and XenApp and XenDesktop allows caching of streamed VM data on hypervisor hosts. This cache improves VM performance, especially in large environments, while also reducing network consumption and conserving resources on the PVS servers. Network bandwidth and CPU utilization are both reduced by up to 93% while boot times are up to 23% faster.
Machine Creation Services (MCS)
Image management and provisioning control from within the Citrix Studio console for simplified administration, especially beneficial in a public or hybrid cloud deployment. Integrates directly with APIs of public clouds and hypervisors to streamline management.
Microsoft Azure
Azure has been identified as the strategic public cloud vendor for Citrix solutions. Cloud provisioning on Azure enables IT to dynamically provision app and desktop workloads in Microsoft Azure from their on-premises deployment or deploy a new environment entirely within Azure.
Azure Government
(Tech Preview)
Azure Germany
(Tech Preview)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Hybrid cloud provisioning enables IT to dynamically provision app and desktop workloads from Amazon Web Services.
Google Cloud Platform (power management only)
Power management support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps and Desktops service deliver a better way to work with Google Cloud instances. With this new innovation, you can now create hosting connections to GCP, create managed machine catalogs, browse your GCP resources directly from the Citrix Studio UI, and provide full power management control to your administrators.

Easily integrate with a XenServer virtualization solution for provisioning machines and the flexibility to expand or change your infrastructure at any time. 

Hyper-V with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
Easily integrate with your existing Hyper-V virtualization solution for provisioning machines and the flexibility to expand or change your infrastructure at any time.
VMware vSphere
Easily integrate with your existing vSphere virtualization solution for provisioning machines and the flexibility to expand or change your infrastructure at any time.
Nutanix Acropolis
Integration within Citrix Studio offers built-in virtualization for a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure solution that simplifies deployment and reduces infrastructure costs.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Universal enterprise app store

Aggregate resources from XenApp and XenDesktop in one place providing self-service access to Windows applications and desktops, mobile applications, external software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and internal web applications through a single portal from all devices.
Anonymous (unauthenticated) access
Enables StoreFront to provide access to user sessions without authenticating. Generally this is used where applications themselves require their own authentication. Allows administrators to optionally make a specific Store support anonymous (unauthenticated) access.
Store Customization SDK
Enables admins to restrict access to applications and desktops based on the user’s location, the type of devices the user has, or smart access policies. Create and define business logic around how users launch and experience applications to tailor access to application resources so that they meet the needs of your business.
Resource filtering by types or keywords
Tailor the applications visible to certain users by filtering on keywords present in the application description field or property types.
Favorite applications
Citrix Receiver lets users define a list of favorite or frequently used applications for fast access. IT can configure featured applications for easy access to mission-critical programs.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Workspace App
Citrix Workspace app is an all-in-one app where users can access their favorite Windows, Linux, mobile, SaaS, web apps, desktops and files seamlessly and instantly. Users get uninterrupted access to the apps they need while IT retains immaculate control over user accounts and password policies to strengthen corporate security.
Workspace experience
The Workspace experience U/I is a Citrix Cloud service that enumerates and delivers all your digital workspace resources to Citrix Workspace app. On-prem customers can utilize Citrix site aggregation available in Citrix Cloud services to aggregate their on-premises Virtual app and desktop deployments.
Citrix Receiver
A single client interface that automatically installs and configures client devices to access applications and resources meant specifically for authenticated users. Available for a wide array of OS platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. (Refer to the Receiver feature matrix for additional details by platform).

Enables IT to create enterprise app stores that aggregate resources from XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile App Controller in one place. The stores created provide users with self-service access to their Windows applications and desktops through a single portal from all their devices. Admins get a single place to manage the provisioning of corporate applications and desktops for users. Consolidating the delivery of resources through StoreFront means you no longer need to manage multiple delivery mechanisms for different applications or provide support for manual installations and updates.
Web Interface 5.4
(Software Maintenance customers ONLY)
A browser-based interface for accessing applications. Offers built-in support for two-factor authentication, simple customization through the management console and multi-lingual support. Integration with most third-party portals is seamless.
Receiver for HTML5
Provides breakthrough performance for access to business applications and desktops from popular browsers, as well as Google Chrome devices. Enhances the graphics experience for both 2D and 3D applications and provides an improved audio-video experience at significantly lower bandwidth. Includes an improved in-session toolbar for clipboard and windows security desktop.
Java client
(only on Web Interface)
Zero-install. Used as a fallback if other Receivers cannot be run.
Non-admin client installation
Eliminates the need to give users “Administrator“ privileges in order to install Receiver for Windows to simplify application access.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
FIPS compliance
FIPS compliant, providing administrators with the necessary certifications and implementation processes to adhere to strict security standards.

Common Criteria
The first app and desktop delivery solution to achieved the Common Criteria evaluation milestone. Common Criteria certification is used by 19 countries worldwide, with many more following it unofficially, making it easier for XenApp and XenDesktop to be recognized worldwide as a security de-facto solution for app virtualization.

* Refer to for additional info

508 Compliance    

Fine-grained context-based policy engine employs smart access policy management to balance the needs of varying use case scenarios by granting or denying individual tasks, such as printing, copy/paste or mapping drives, at a granular scenario-specific level. Provided with NetScaler Gateway Universal License included in Platinum.

* NetScaler Gateway appliance, priced separately.

ICA Proxy via NetScaler Gateway Service 
Hardware and software-based SSL-proxy that allows remote users to securely access data center hosted applications delivered via XenApp and XenDesktop. All hosted application traffic is proxied to enable firewall traversal without requiring additional ports to be opened. ICA® Proxy provides secure access to virtual Windows apps and desktops published on XenApp and XenDesktop while keeping apps, desktops and data safely protected within the datacenter without requiring a VPN.
Endpoint scanning and extensible analysis
Clients are scanned against administrator-defined criteria to enforce proper configuration such as up-to-date security software and operating system hotfixes. Endpoint analysis can be extended using industry-standard development tools.
Federated Authentication Service
Integrates with StoreFront and SAML-based identity providers via NetScaler to deliver secure, single sign-on to apps and desktops while also simplifying account management of contractors, partners and employees who utilize XenApp and XenDesktop for B2B integration.

* Requires on-premise NetScaler Gateway

Federated Authentication to Azure Active Directory

* Requires on-premise NetScaler Gateway

Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Centralized application delivery
Applications are configured to execute on the servers in the data center with only mouse clicks and keystrokes sent to the user device. Delivery in this manner means that data is maintained in the data center and never on the users’ devices where it is at higher risk of being lost or stolen.
Centralized desktop delivery 
Server-based and VDI desktops reside in the data center with only mouse clicks and keystrokes sent to the user device. Delivery in this manner means that data is maintained in the data center and never on the users’ devices where it is at higher risk of being lost or stolen.
Peripheral connection control
Restricts whether hard drives, printers, USB ports, COM ports and the clipboard are mapped for a user while accessing hosted applications and desktops to prevent data download and copy from the data center.
Session watermarking
Folder redirection 
Enables users' My Documents folder to be mapped to a central file store to help maintain files in the data center.

ShareFile integration 
With virtual apps and desktops for optimized on-demand, on or off-premise data sharing and sync service meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.

* ShareFile priced separately.

TLS/SSL encryption 
Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures that all application delivery communications are secure.
AES support 
Supports Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), required by many government agencies and organizations with strict security requirements.
Trusted server configuration
Similar to Internet Explorer’s “trusted web sites” feature, Trusted Server Configuration prevents users from accessing unauthorized or un-trusted servers. 
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Active Directory support
Support for this established platform ensures users are properly authenticated for access to resources.

Two-factor authentication 
Enhances secure access from anywhere through integrated solutions such as RSA SecureID, RADIUS server, and Aladdin SafeWord for Citrix.
Kerberos authentication 
Kerberos simplifies user authentication and reduces logon points while ensuring logon chain integrity when users are accessing applications through.
Smart card support 
Support for smartcard authentication to hosted applications and desktops as well as passthrough support. Includes such cards as Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identitiy Verification (PIV).
Passthrough authentication 
Provides the ability to pass the user’s desktop password to the server. This reduces the need for multiple system and application authentication.
SMS authentication for smartphones 
Provides the ability to use SMS challenge and responsebased authentication with Citrix Receiver for iOS.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Centralized management consoles
Comprehensive interface that enables complete management of the entire infrastructure including servers, applications, licenses, printers and users from any location. Provides tight integration with Active Directory®. Multiple Citrix products can also be included and managed from a central location by creating a single Microsoft Management Console.

Application Groups & Tagging
Group applications into logical collections to simplify application publishing, settings management and conserve resources. Tagging functionality allows admins to satisfy a broad range of publishing scenarios including individual machine publishing and publishing to subsets of machines.
Worker Groups
Group servers into logical collections to simplify application publishing, load balancing and policy filtering.
Active Directory Group Policy integration
Group Policy templates and integration with Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy-based management enable rapid server, application and user access configuration across even the most complex environments.
Built-in password management
Provides password security and single sign-on access to applications running in the Citrix environment and on the desktop. Automatically logs on to password protected information systems, enforcing password policies, monitoring all password-related events, and automating user tasks, including password changes.
Delegated administration
Provides the ability to designate specific administrative tasks to users without having to add them to a domain administrator group.
Custom delegated administration
Gives large IT departments the ability to isolate the scope and role of administrative functions for compliance and control.
Management Packs for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
Management packs that enable comprehensive environment monitoring and visibility all from within the SCOM console. Includes a topology diagram of your infrastructure that is built-out automatically, a health explorer to view component statuses and troubleshoot, SLA dashboards and various alerts and reports. Products and components monitored include XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x, XenApp 6.5, StoreFront, Provisioning Services, License Server, Web Interface, NetScaler, XenServer, and NetScaler SDWAN.
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) integration
Makes it easy to manage pooled desktop and server images from System Center while leveraging policy enforcement and report processes and tools provided in SCCM.
Automated compatibility testing and App-V packaging with AppDNA
AppDNA determines the compatibility of applications across multiple operating systems and delivery methods. Use the powerful business decision engine to model different deployment scenarios and compare their impacts, create scenarios that reflect organizational decisions and create different automation task scripts based on the results to automate package creation, App-V sequencing, and Citrix App Streaming to App-V conversions to name a few. Scripts are compiled allowing for endless automation options customized to your needs.
Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Scalable to thousands of servers
XenApp and XenDesktop have been tested and proven by both Citrix and enterprises with well over 1,000 physical servers in a single implementation running to tens of thousands of user sessions.
Local Host Cache
Allows users to connect to their applications and desktops in the event that the connection to the site database is broken.

* Legacy implementation

No single point of failure
Multiple options for redundancy with the required databases, StoreFront servers, controllers and other components. This is further enhanced through the use of multiple NetScaler appliances running in a redundant manner.

* NetScaler appliances priced separately

Feature Virtual Apps and Desktops service 1808 Current Release 7.15 Long Term Service Release XenApp 6.5
Enterprise load management
Ensures that each user receives the best system performance by allowing IT to configure balancing rules based on application and user load, context switches, CPU utilization, disk data I/O, disk operations, IP address range, memory utilization, page faults, page swapping, schedule and server user load.   
Organize infrastructure resources in an environment into zones which is helpful to optimize deployments that span multiple physical locations.
Zone Preferences
Define how users are able to connect to apps and desktops based on criteria such as where the user is currently connecting from, what data center the app resides in or the location of the user profile. IT can deliver the best possible user experience while meeting business objectives.
NetScaler load-balancing (optional)
Actively monitors services and web traffic to intelligently load balance users across XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure to assure optimal uptime and consistency user access even during planned, unplanned, or scheduled maintenance window.
WAN optimized 
XenApp and XenDesktop deliver a superior user experience even over low-bandwidth, high latency connections. Citrix HDX technology can intelligently detect bandwidth capacity and dynamically transform communication on the fly.
XenServer vGPU sharing
Provides the best possible graphics experience when virtualizing 3D applications. Only XenServer allows NVIDIA and Intel drivers to be loaded directly into the hypervisor to ensure proper management of graphical application performance in a virtual app and desktop scenario. 
Load throttling
Prevents new servers from being overloaded when several users logon to the environment at once by automatically controlling server load. Creates a consistent, reliable user access experience.
Connection control 
Administrators can set a limit on the number of total simultaneous connections that each user can have to the environment. Administrators can also prevent users from launching more than one instance of the same published application.
License Release      
Session linger 
Keeps the user's session connection open after the user closes the app to provide a quick app reconnect or enable the user to open a new app without repeating the logon process. Admin-configurable time-based policy automatically releases a license consumed by a pre-launched and lingering session to improve license management.
Application user load
Limits the number of users allowed to connect to each specific hosted application.
XenServer VM portability 
Bare-metal hypervisor that enables virtualization of all components of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop as well as any other servers in your data center. Includes functions such as live migration of virtual workloads from one physical server to another without interrupting user operation.
Director provides a single web-based console where IT help desk admins can monitor, troubleshoot and assist users with virtual desktops and apps for thousands of users as easily as for one. The same console can be used to assist users with delivered apps and desktops.

* Limited

App Probing
Advanced analytics 
Trend analysis available through the Citrix Director dashboard give admins insight into machine failures, etc. allowing escalation teams to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.
System monitoring and reporting 
Admins can efficiently manage and monitor system resources and generate reports on application and server availability, performance and capacity.
Historical performance trending
Analyzes performance trends for proactive capacity planning and deployment optimization. With up to a full year of trend data available, detailed performance management and capacity management allowing you to keep track of your infrastructure.

* Via EdgeSight 5.4

Custom Reporting
Build your own reports within Director as required when you need something more than what the built-in Trends reports offer. An intuitive interface provides access to a wide variety of data points. Reports can be saved and later shared as required along with the corresponding ODATA query. 
SCOM Alerts 
Surface alerts from SCOM through the Director web-based console for improved overall visibility.
Proactive Notification and Alerting 
Set warning and critical thresholds for key metrics, such as CPU, memory and network and receive notifications when they are hit. Alerts can further be integrated with standard SNMP systems.
Application Dashboard      
NetScaler MAS integration 
Integrate the Citrix Director web-based console with the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) for enhanced networking visibility.
User experience network analysis
Network analysis provides by NetScaler HDX Insight, this advanced feature makes it possible to isolate and manage your HDX network performance. 
Shadowing for hosted applications and shared desktops 
Administrators and support teams can view and control an active user sessions to assist with troubleshooting and problem resolution. Includes a shadowing task bar, shadowing indicator, one-to-many and many-to-one shadowing, cross-server shadowing and shadow session logging.
Shadowing with Microsoft Remote Assistance
Leverage Microsoft Remote Assist to shadow real time sessions of applications and desktops.

Session Recording
Provides policy-based recording of user sessions with hosted applications and desktops for improved regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and accelerated problem resolution. Administrative logging* tracks items such as changes to recording policies, recording downloads, and unauthorized access attempts. Highlighting of inactive periods* makes finding key footage in recorded sessions quick and efficient.

* Current Release and XenApp and XenDesktop Service only

Provides policy-based recording of user sessions with hosted applications and shared desktops for improved regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and accelerated problem resolution.
Configuration logging
Tracks administrative changes made to the configuration of XenApp and XenDesktop deployments, by whom and at what time they were made to simplify and accelerate troubleshooting and ensure accountability. 
Multiple license types per site
Leverage multiple license editions within the same deployment for improved management efficiency and flexibility.
Multiple license editions per environment       
Citrix Insight Services Integration 
Collect and upload diagnostic information to from your deployment to proactively prevent issues and quickly resolve issues when they occur. Health checks analyze the environment to spot misconfigurations, security updates and best practice advise.