Citrix Cloud services for Citrix Service Providers

The fastest, simplest, and most flexible ways to deliver digital workspace technologies

Citrix Cloud services enable Citrix Service Providers with simplified delivery and management across all Citrix technologies in order to deliver secure digital workspaces to multiple tenants. Citrix Cloud services and third-party apps are all managed via a simple, consistent and unified administrative experience.

The Value of Citrix Cloud services for Service Providers

  • Take advantage of a subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach to consuming Citrix technologies
  • Reduce software installation and management infrastructure investments
  • Remove key infrastructure hurdles by enabling service providers to leverage existing on-premises environments alongside public clouds
  • Set up a trial/demo environment within hours and instantly convert into production
  • Reduce maintenance and support costs with automatic software version upgrades
  • Simplify administration tasks such as user onboarding and services management via a single management plane
  • Speed configuration, management and integration of Citrix services
  • Increase competitiveness by providing a complete set of “ready to use” and pre-integrated portfolio of Citrix technologies that could be leveraged immediately
  • Respond to end-user demands by provisioning and de-provisioning resources in an economic manner
  • Enable verticalization of service offerings to align with industry requirements
  • Obtain insights into end-user historical usage trends and patterns
  • Up-sell and cross-sell hosted services based on usage trends
  • Leverage customer insights data to drive customer acquisition and customer retention

If you are a current Citrix Service Provider, reach out to your Citrix Service Provider Distributor or account manager to get started with Citrix Cloud services.

Simplify the delivery of Citrix Cloud services

Get cloud-based management and delivery for secure digital workspaces.

What you get with Citrix Cloud services

The Citrix Cloud management plane is provided by Citrix, and is as an always-on SaaS-style cloud service. That means you no longer have the burden of sizing and configuring Citrix management infrastructure.

Citrix operates the management components of each service resulting in less hardware needs. And, where desktop, application, or data workloads are concerned, if you choose to deploy workload VDAs into the public cloud, you can also avoid on-premises hardware.

Take advantage of the latest Citrix technology as soon as it’s available and avoid the operational overhead of manual upgrades. Upgrades to the Citrix Cloud management plane, as well as upgrades to individual services, are all SaaS-style and automatic.

Eliminate time spent hand-crafting service interactions. Integration between individual services is automatic and provided as part of the Citrix Cloud management plane.

For deployments with two or more geographic locations, Citrix Cloud technology eliminates the need for management infrastructure in each location. All deployments are centrally-managed, translating into considerable savings towards administration costs.

Software maintenance is included with Citrix Cloud services. In addition, get enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support with each subscription package.

Next steps

If you are a current Citrix Service Provider, reach out to your Citrix Service Provider Distributor or account manager to get started with Citrix Cloud.